Totally Kids® - Circlebrook

Circlebrook is a Residential Intermediate Care Facility (ICF/DD-N) solution for developmentally disabled and developmentally delayed children that are not able to be cared for at home. Circlebrook's Residential Intermediate Care Facility differs from Totally Kids Subacute Facility in several ways. Residential Intermediate Care Facilities are a step down from a Subacute Facility and the children residing there are not dependent on ventilators and tracheostomies. Circlebrook is a 15 bed home environment that allows children to continue to receive specialized care from dedicated physicians and staff. Independence is a vital skill that is encouraged and the staff at Circlebrook work diligently with each resident to realize their goals, whether utilizing Circlebrook as a temporary living solution or a permanent one. The families that choose Circlebrook can rest assured that their children will participate in residential day treatment education programs as well as continue to be supervised by Totally Kids premier medical staff. Families of the residents are highly encouraged to be involved in their child's care, as well as participate in physician appointments, field trips and outings.