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A Night To Remember

This year four lucky patients went on an outing to attend the “Surf Shack” prom at Trinity Church in Redlands.

When 2 of our patients found out that prom was coming soon, they asked if the Child Development Department could help them ask two young ladies in a special way.

The first patient learned that the volunteer he was interested in asking to the prom loved the movie “Beauty and the Beast”. He came up with the idea to make the rose from the movie and to play the Beauty and the Beast song and music video as he asked her if she would go to prom with him. With careful planning and help from some of our volunteers, he was able to make the rose and ask her to prom in a beautiful way in the MP room. She said yes!

The second patient was interested in asking one of his favorite nursing assistants. Since he loves to sing and loves art activities, he decided to make a poster and sing his favorite song “Baby” by Justin Beiber to her. She also said “yes” and the staff and volunteers cheered as both patients successfully asked their dates to prom in a fun and memorable way.


On the day of prom, the families helped the staff get their child ready for the special day. One family member of another patient was kind enough to do her daughter’s makeup for prom. It was a nice see how volunteers, staff members, and family came together to make this night possible and success.


After pictures were taken, the patients entered the church and lit up as they saw all the lights, beach balls, new faces, and fun decorations. They hit the dance floor and danced the night away! They also enjoyed taking more pictures in the photobooth with silly props.  Towards the end of prom, one of our patients from Circlebrook was named prom prince and received a prize!

The patients had such a fun time at prom and we would like to thank all the families, staff, and volunteers who contributed to make this special night such a special event for our patients. You all truly made this night a memorable one!

Kati Padgett • August 10, 2017

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