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Goodbye Nick!

After being hit by a truck and in a coma for close to a month, Nick Tusant inspired us all by meeting each of his therapy goals and being discharged from our acute rehabilitation hospital. He went home to continue his recovery and to being the funny kid he was before his accident.

On August 31, 2017, Nick went out through the doors of our acute rehabilitation hospital accompanied by his parents and a group of cheerleaders made up of therapists, nurses, and administrators at Totally Kids. As Nick had promised, he worked very hard and met every therapy goal that was set for him. There was a lot to celebrate that day.

Just a few short months before, Nick had been admitted into our subacute care facility from Riverside University Health System Medical Center, where he had undergone surgery and treatment related to traumatic brain injury and other serious injuries he suffered after being hit by a truck while walking to school.

Upon admission Nick was still not able to move or communicate. That began to change as his medical treatment continued and he received a number of our family of therapies, including, physical, occupational, and speech.

As he began to recover, Nick reached milestones that allowed him to be transferred to our acute rehabilitation hospital. There, Recreational Therapy, Applied Virtual Reality, and Biofeedback were added to the intensive therapies he already received.

Nick met every therapy goal assigned to him. His commitment to his recovery was very inspiring to every staff member who knew him at Totally Kids. As he sat in the passenger seat of his parents’ car, holding on to the CD he was about to put in the car stereo, Nick said, “Goodbye!”

Bye Nick! Come back, visit and say hello!



Kati Padgett • September 15, 2017

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