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The Flusher Family & KidShip

KidShip is different from other day care programs.  We bring together children of all abilities.  Children with medical conditions such as technology dependency, children with developmental delay, and children without disabilities all play and learn together. Meet the Flusher Family and their little boy Logan.

Our little miracle boy Logan James Flusher was born full term on September 21st, 2013, weighing in at a healthy 7lbs 8oz. Everything seemed fine until the nurse came in and voiced a concern about the rash on his back (known as petechial). When the pediatrician came in she voiced equal concern. At this point he was taken to the NICU and spent the night. In the NICU they gave him maintenance antibiotics and pressure in his nose. The next morning we received the news that our son was very sick and they didn’t have the means to care for him. Our son was transported via ambulance in an incubator to Loma Linda where he returned to the NICU for about 2 days.

Then the unthinkable happened. We received a call from the Cardiac Unit Nurse advising that our son had to have open heart surgery as soon as possible. He wasn’t healthy enough to have the surgery that night so they would perform the 3-part surgery, with an 85% chance of survival, first thing the next morning. Our son had to have open heart surgery at just 3 days old. This was very hard to comprehend at the time. By the grace of God and His miracle and many, many prayers Logan pulled through and is thriving every day.

Sure it’s been a struggle and I can’t say it’s always been easy, but our son is a fighter and is determined. He has shown us that when you put your heart into something that there’s no end to the determination one has. He has also shown us a love that we never knew existed. Through many therapies and KidShip our son has been able to become very successful. We had many physicians tell us that he would never walk. Boy if they could see him now!!

Before KidShip Logan could barely crawl and was completely non-verbal. Now he is cruising while hold on to furniture, taking independent steps and thriving every day. He took a total of 16 steps in one day! We owe such gratitude to the KidShip Director Helia Castellon and Martina, Logan’s CNA, for the progress he has made in the short time he has been there. Placing Logan in KidShip was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Kati Padgett • September 19, 2017

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