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27th Annual “One More from the Heart” Biker Run

On Sunday, November 12th, the sound of revving motorcycles could be heard at Totally Kids as hundreds of bikers gathered for the 27th Annual “One More from the Heart” Biker Run Throughout the year, different motorcycle clubs fundraised for our residents. They then travel from all over Southern California to meet and donate gifts to our residents. This year bikers donated a 6 seater buggy, toys, clothing, gift cards, game consoles, batteries, coloring books, movies, electronics, art supplies, and many others items.

During the event, bikers filled the hallways and multipurpose rooms to meet the residents and staff. Bikers interacted with the early intervention residents by playing blocks, coloring, and reading books. In Multi-Purpose Room 2, bikers engaged in conversation and participated in activities with our social recreation group. Bikers also gathered outside to enjoy refreshments and mingle with our dedicated staff.
As the event came to a close, some bikers stayed behind to show off their bikes to residents and staff. A couple of bikers offered staff the opportunity to ride on the back of their motorcycles. Residents and staff cheered as they witnessed their fellow coworkers be whisked away for a quick ride.
We are so thankful for all bikers and their dedication each year to provide donations for all our residents. It means so much to us that they take time out of their day getting to know the residents and staff. Thank you to all the bikers who came out and participated in the annual “One More from the Heart” Biker Run. We greatly appreciate everything you do for the residents here at Totally Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.

Kati Padgett • November 22, 2017

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