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Totally Kids Patients Get Much Better…Quicker!

Third-party data indicates that, on the average, patients at Totally Kids® Rehabilitation Hospital achieve more therapy-related progress, in less time, than patients at other rehabilitation facilities. This is good news for patients since it allows them to go back to their homes and schools quicker, and in that process, rejoin a portion of the lives…

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All About Biofeedback

When people hear the word Biofeedback they often do not know what it is. The word Bio means body, which translates as body feedback. The buzzwords often associated with Biofeedback are Trauma, Anxiety, Pain Management, Injury Recovery, Mind Body Connection, Self Regulation and Relaxation Response. Did you know that the US Olympic Team is required…

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We Specialize In Neurological Disorders

From the time our acute hospital opened its doors in 2014, the common thread among the majority of our pediatric patients has been neurological disorders. The level of acuity we provide has allowed us to be successful, often seeing our patients meet their rehabilitation outcomes ahead of the expected time. So, what exactly is a…

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Summer Safety Tips

With summer in full swing here in Loma Linda and with temperatures well above the 100-degree mark we wanted to remind you of a few essential summer safety tips! These tips have essential components that will help you create a summer safety kit that will keep your children safe during any outing this summer. Create…

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School Has Started!

When one of your patients is admitted to Totally Kids® Pediatric Subacute they are care for as if they were at home. Our slogan “Almost Home” is reflected in the fact that residents at Totally Kids® Pediatric Subacute attend school through the Redlands Unified School District. The Classrooms are now in the new education building…

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