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Our Children's Center approach means that our rehabilitation and developmental focus is supported by multiple levels of service and specially trained caregivers. Totally Kids® is growing to make sure your child has the best opportunities.

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27th Annual “One More from the Heart” Biker Run
On Sunday, November 12th, the sound of revving motorcycles could be heard at Totally Kids ... more

Twice a month, Leslie our hairstylist, comes to Totally Kids to cut our resident’s ... more

Totally Kids Patients Get Much Better…Quicker!
Third-party data indicates that, on the average, patients at Totally Kids® Rehabilitation Hospital achieve more ... more


"With the advent of more complex and successful methods of treating traumatic events and premature births in pediatric and neonatal ICUs, long-term survival rates for this population have reached an unprecedented level. But survivors of these events often require long-term and/or complex care -- sometimes for their entire lives." Subacute care facilities help parents and families provide this kind of care. Learn how Totally Kids participated in Tierra's Journey Home.