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Our Children's Center approach means that our rehabilitation and developmental focus is supported by multiple levels of service and specially trained caregivers. Totally Kids® is growing to make sure your child has the best opportunities.

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Having fun with Recreation Therapy!
RECREATION THERAPY & THE POWER OF PLAY Ever think about the connection between health and recreation? ... more

Patient and Family Centered Care
Totally Kids is proud to embrace the patient and family-centered approach to healthcare. We believe, ... more

Leo’s Story
Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Leo was a typical 17 year-old. He dedicated time to school, friends, family, music, ... more


"With the advent of more complex and successful methods of treating traumatic events and premature births in pediatric and neonatal ICUs, long-term survival rates for this population have reached an unprecedented level. But survivors of these events often require long-term and/or complex care -- sometimes for their entire lives." Subacute care facilities help parents and families provide this kind of care. Learn how Totally Kids participated in Tierra's Journey Home.